Wildflower Honey


Produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co in the Tyne Valley through the spring and summer months and gathered in by beekeepers Luke, Suzie, and their beekeeping apprentice Anna. This honey is produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co and is 100% natural, pure, coarsely filtered to retain the natural pollen, and not heat treated. 

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Produced in the Tyne Valley area of Northumberland, the bees range extends from Haltwhistle to Hexham. When analysed contains usually around 30-40 different pollen varieties that the bees gather to make this remarkable polyfloral honey and perfect for building up resistance to local pollen making the honey particularly useful for hayfever sufferers. Please see the second image showing most abundant nectar sources in current stock of Wildflower honey. Please note this honey is soft set, technically called 'creamed' and maintains a nice spreadable consistency, perfect for warm toast. Store at room temperature. 227g

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