Our ‘Discovery’ boxes encourage you to explore the exciting produce from across our region. The boxes are carefully curated by producers, chefs and regional foodies – making choosing as simple as a click. Or you can browse the market and build your own (minimum spend is £25)

Each box includes a 10% Community Fund donation which is automatically added when you check out. The resultant funds will go towards existing initiatives supporting the region’s vulnerable and socially isolated.


We are working hard to build a unique larder of fresh and ambient food and drink from across the North East and currently have over 400 products from 120 big and small North East producers to choose from. 

Once you have selected your Discovery Box, feel free to ‘roam the aisles’, experience our market place and add to your order. We have some real hidden gems that we are proud of.


Can’t find a Discovery Box that is right for you?

Fear not. Build your own box from scratch.

Explore the market, aisle by aisle and simply add to your basket as normal.

Minimum spend is £25.

Delivery information

Have your online order delivered to your home on Thursday or Friday for £3.49 by one of the Local Heroes team or our zero-emissions delivery partner ZMOVE. Areas we currently deliver to include Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Hexham, Corbridge, Ponteland and Darras Hall.

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The postcodes we deliver to:

DH2 1, DH3 1, NE1 1, NE1 2, NE1 3, NE1 4, NE1 5, NE1 6, NE1 7, NE1 8, NE10 0, NE10 8, NE10 9, NE11 0, NE11 9, NE12 2, NE12 5, NE12 6, NE12 7, NE12 8, NE12 9, NE13 7, NE13 8, NE13 9, NE15 6, NE15 7, NE15 8, NE15 9, NE16 3, NE16 4, NE16 5, NE16 9, NE2 1, NE2 2, NE2 3, NE2 4, NE21 4, NE21 5, NE21 6, NE28 6, NE28 7, NE28 8, NE28 9, NE3 1, NE3 2, NE3 3, NE3 4, NE3 5, NE3 9, NE4 5, NE4 6, NE4 7, NE4 8, NE4 9, NE5 1, NE5 2, NE5 3, NE5 4, NE5 5, NE5 9, NE6 1, NE6 2, NE6 3, NE6 4, NE6 5, NE6 9, NE7 7, NE8 1, NE8 2, NE8 3, NE8 4, NE8 9, NE9 5, NE9 6, NE9 7, NE9 9


We want to share our passion for the region’s food and drink producers, brands and incredible chef talent. Our newsletter will bring you stories about our #LocalHeroesNE, celebrating our regional food culture through recipes curated by regional chefs, their food memories and inspiration for what you can cook up with the contents of your boxes. We’ll also be telling you first hand what impact we are having within our communities and giving a platform to those who are benefitting from our community fund.

Support the #LocalHeroesNE Community Fund

Every box purchased on this site will have 10% added to it at checkout. This money will go to form a Community Fund that will help support people in need across the North East of England. More details on how this fund will be administered will be available soon. Until then any monies raised will go towards helping local people in crisis at the Newcastle West End Foodbank.