Local Heroes NE is the B2C brand of Food and Drink North East.

Our goal is to make locally produced food and drink as accessible as possible to our local communities.

By supporting local businesses, you help create jobs, you keep money in the local economy rather than losing pounds to an anonymous HQ elsewhere in the UK and beyond, you shorten supply chains and reduce food miles and you help us celebrate our fantastic regional food identity.

We have a vision for the role of food markets and it’s a way more important and strategic than we possibly let on – work that has taken us around the country and overseas, looking at best practice and the role these markets play in local communities as look to develop more robust and all encompassing food and drink strategies for our towns and cities that look at the challenges of food poverty, food waste, climate change, green logistics, business resilience and the future make-up of our High Streets.

More than just an event or happening, loved and looked after markets should;
✔️ Make local food accessible.
✔️ Support and incubate emerging food businesses.
✔️ Present opportunities in an environment where traditional, high overhead, ‘bricks ‘n’ mortar’ trade is changing forever.
✔️ Promote collaboration amongst business and circular economy.
✔️ Create a sense of place and civic pride.
✔️ Allows us to tell stories, take ownership of local narrative and better understand our rich North East heritage and culture.
✔️ Act as a barometer for the High Street and help inform future city strategy.at

If you want to be part of and contribute to these conversations, we’re always open to talk. Email us info@fadne.org.