About Local Heroes

‘Local Heroes North East’ is more than just a box of delicious local produce, it is a campaign brought to you by Food and Drink North East (FADNE)  to raise the profile of and safeguard regional food and drink businesses in the North East of England. The purchase of every box includes a 10% ‘community fund’ that will be used to support producers and those working with the vulnerable and socially isolated.


The North East of England is home to some of the most talented, hard working food and drink heroes there are. We’re proud to be associated with them and it’s our aim to introduce as many people as possible to their work.


Riley’s Fish Shack

“How did our tiny fish shack nestled in King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth receive national recognition? Because our menu is based on whatever has been landed locally that day. Fresh lobster, hake, turbot, monkfish and oysters are all prepared on-site.”


Calder’s Kitchen

“I remember my grandfather making it when I was a child. Years later, after he’d passed away, we discovered his recipe so my wife and I decided to try making it. We shared the results and the feedback was great so we knew we were onto something.”


The Winery by Laneberg Wine

“Coming home to set up the first urban winery on Tyneside has been a dream come true. I’m one of the lucky ones who found their passion in life in winemaking and made it a reality. I’m so proud to share this with friends, family and the people of the North East.”

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Support the #LocalHeroesNE Community Fund

Every box purchased on this site will have 10% added to it at checkout. This money will go to form a Community Fund that will help support people in need across the North East of England. More details on how this fund will be administered will be available soon. Until then any monies raised will go towards helping local people in crisis at the Newcastle West End Foodbank.